Our services
Software development and technical governance
End-to-end software development involving various technologies, the required stack is dependent on a task, opportunities/assumptions/limitations the client has.

The main technologies which we leverage are:
Microsoft .NET; PHP & Laravel; JavaScrpt & React; AWS and Azure cloud services.

The outcome of software development projects meets the business needs when the value creation cycle is mature enough. To ensure the maturity level we provide technical governance of the projects to give the predictable delivery for the clients and a safe environment for the engineers.

Our team will help establish and maintain a transparent operational model from financial, technical and delivery perspectives, regardless of the projects' complexity.
Extending engineering teams
We have broad expertise in hiring and onboarding any kind of engineer, and building performing teams.

Our flexible engagement models allow our clients to get a tailored service with suitable responsibilities distribution between A+ team and the client.

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Screening, assessing, and hiring processes are digitalized. We do not just throw candidates' CVs on you, we give you clear and structured profiles with valuable insights to make your decision as easy as possible.
Team development
Building an efficient and robust team structure

• Team composition, roles and structure
• Recruitment for key roles
• Mentoring and personal growth
Delivery processes review
A+ helps companies to get insights on their processes maturity in the following areas:

• Agile practices and value creation
• Quality assurance
• Development and engineering practices
• Deployment strategy
About us

A+ is a team of senior engineers and managers who brought strong expertise from the top engineering and consulting firms.

With a broad range of competencies across many market verticals, together with a deep experience base, we align the core strategy of the business with technology.

We have proven track records in IT industry, providing software delivery management and consulting services following the goal of streamlining operations and making business more adaptive and efficient.

We possess deep competence in complex IT enterprise tier system development with modern architecture, implying heavy SDLC, various policies and compliances. Also, conduct technical due diligence on fast-growing companies to strengthen and facilitate their growth.

We are passionate about building engineering teams and delivering value without vague results.

Ordering systems
Online contests platform
Medicine systems
Data centers
Areas of expertise
Our key features
Suitable delivery practices for enterprise and start-ups
We have been adopting and applying robust and modern delivery approaches for enterprise-tier clients with heavy SDLC and compliance pocilies as well as adaptive start-ups

People first
We know by heart that low turnover and care of the team members are the key factors of stable and predictable business for us and for our clients

People who are in their right place and being taken care of do great job

Technical governance
We do not just provide our clients with "engineers" and other roles, but do carefull technical governance along with proper learning and onboarding
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We are located in Armenia, Kazakhstan & Russia

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